Why Choose GAINSWave Over Prescription ED Medication

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Allied Health Care operates under a simple philosophy: where possible, we let your body do the healing. While it occasionally breaks down to one degree or another, most of the time it accomplishes the amazing task of giving and sustaining life. But it does occasionally break down — even to the point of affecting sexual health in men. GAINSWave, the newest service we offer, aims to help the body fight back.

What can GAINSWave do for your sexual health? First and foremost, this therapy treats erectile dysfunction. Sexual performance for men depends wholly on the quality of erection, and when there is difficulty in obtaining or keeping one the whole experience suffers. And the repercussions go beyond the physical; an unfulfilling sex life often leads to other marital or relationship problems.

So, how does GAINSWave work? And what does it have on prescription ED medication?

How GAINSWave works

GAINSWave utilizes a mild shockwave therapy that applies acoustic waves to the genitals. This process stimulates a process of angiogenesis, which stimulates the creation of new and reparation of existing blood vessels.

Erections, and therefore erectile dysfunction, depend upon blood flow to the penis. When there is a reduction of blood flow, performance and experience suffer. Damaged or the lack of blood vessels are the root of this problem and GAINSWave attacks it head-on.

As a safe and non-invasive procedure, GAINSWave falls right in line with Allied Health Care’s philosophy. With some gentle nudging by harmless acoustic waves, blood vessels open up, blood flows more freely, and the patient experiences fuller and harder erections.

Why choose GAINSWave over other ED medication

Where possible, the professionals at Allied Health Care use non-invasive procedures. After all, the powerhouse that is your body is well-equipped to heal itself. And even for a problem like ED that has a specific solution, your body can take care of itself. All it needs is the right environment to facilitate this healing. That’s what GAINSWave does.

Medication, on the other hand, not only requires a daily regimen but has a long-lasting effect on your body and wallet. Your body becomes accustomed to medication and learns to function properly only with the presence of it. GAINSWave not only presents the environment in which blood vessels are created and repaired, its effect is permanent.

Although packages start at $500 and we recommend 6-12 treatments — depending on the patients’ needs and goals — the power of this shockwave therapy is in its longevity. Patients have reported continued improvement and enhanced sexual performance long after the final treatment; officially, the GAINSWave protocol guarantees the length of effectiveness for up to two years. Furthermore, ongoing procedures provide a compounding benefit that leads to greater longevity.

Ask our experts

GAINSWave is a better alternative to prescription erectile dysfunction medication because it is safer, non-invasive, and has overall longer-lasting effects. It presents safe, acoustic waves to the genitals to the effect of creating new and repairing damaged blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the penis. This results in fuller, harder erections and enhances sexual performance to an entirely new level.

If you or your partner experience erectile dysfunction, skip the pills and ask our experts at Allied Health Care about GAINSWave. Not only will you experience longer-lasting results, but you will also achieve an optimal level of confidence and performance.


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