Solving For V: Viveve Restores Collagen, Enhances Intimacy

The female body is equipped to perform a variety of amazing and impressive tasks, not the least of which is childbirth. Unfortunately, with these high-functioning tasks comes the inevitability of needing a tune-up. The impact of time or trauma on a woman’s body often affects the pelvic region and creates or exacerbates intimacy or menopausal issues. Viveve, Allied Health Care’s newest service, aims to correct this problem.

Woman enjoying benefits of Viveve

What problems does Viveve resolve?

In short, Viveve is a non-invasive procedure that treats vaginal laxity by restoring collagen. The depletion or loss of collagen in the vaginal tissue can result from vaginal childbirth as well as hormone imbalance, age advancement, or pelvic floor trauma.

After the passage of time or trauma, collagen levels fall and tissue elasticity weakens. Stress urinary incontinence, loss of sexual pleasure and sensation, menopausal dryness and overactive bladder are some physical manifestations that may follow. Other things one may experience are tampons slipping out and a feeling of looseness in the vagina during intimacy.

When you’re already dealing with the issues of aging and postpartum, these are not additional symptoms that you like to see. So how do you beat that incontinence that so many women experience? How do you recover peak sensation during intimacy? The secret lies in restoring collagen in the vaginal tissue. And that’s where Viveve comes in.

Couple together, woman has received Viveve

How does Viveve work?

The aim of Viveve is to restore collagen via radio frequency to stimulate cell growth. Cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) technology allows deep-seated heating while maintaining a comfortable temperature on the surface. Plus, it applies an even, thorough heating to the tissue to benefit the entire affected area.

In one thirty-minute session, the technician gently applies the treatment device to the affected vaginal tissue. While the radiofrequency heats cells within the tissue, the cryogen helps mask the heat. Patients have described it as a warm sensation that offers no discomfort or pain.

Additionally, there is no downtime, meaning no bed rest, no limitations on lifting heavy objects, and no need to delay intimacy. Because of this and the procedure’s short duration, you could even schedule an appointment during your lunch break.

No surgery, no medication, and no waiting on sexual intimacy? We’ll take it.

Woman happy with her Viveve treatment

What can you expect after a Viveve treatment?

After the procedure is complete and collagen begins to regenerate, a patient can expect clear and positive effects. With vaginal laxity diminished thanks to new and youthful tissue, comfort and intimacy will reach new heights. Dryness or incontinence as a result of childbirth or menopause will reduce significantly. Sexual function and sensation will be reinvigorated. And you only have to use Viveve once to attain these results.

Some patients have reported seeing immediate results; others have seen improvement after two to three months. This depends on the condition of the tissue and however much or little collagen is in need of restoration. However, its effectiveness and safety have been confirmed in three separate clinical trials as a viable option for treating female conditions.

If you think Viveve could benefit you in your situation, we would love to consult with you about your options. Feel free to contact Allied Health Care today to discuss this our newest service.