What people are saying

M. S. – 5 March, 2014

“Dr. Nelson is the man! He is so upbeat, positive, blunt and understanding. This phrase may sound contradictive, but it’s not. For me Dr. Nelson helped me to find a way to help me be more normal. I mainly suffered from O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), as well as anxiety and a bit of depression. These disorders made my life harder for me. They disordered my thinking and contributed to me getting overly fixed on something and made it quite hard for me to move on to the next thing I needed to think about or do. O.C.D. especially is a beast that has negatively effected my marriage and social life. Before therapy, I would try to not talk to people of the opposite sex because I felt like I may be unfaithful to my wife by doing so. Now I am much more able to talk to people of the opposite sex with less hesitancy and awkwardness. For those of you doing counseling, it may help, but you may also find that this can be much more effective. I saw a counselor for a while and ended up just holding in all my problems inside till I saw him and would put them on him and was not emotionally self reliant. Neurofeedback Therapy can give you the help you need to become more emotionally self reliant and be able to better take on life. This therapy is not dangerous and is worth the time. It’s helped me and it’s worth finding out if it can help you.”

A. P. – 29 April, 2013

“My 6 year old has been fighting regular headaches until you started adjusting her. Now the headaches are a rare complaint. Thank goodness! Thanks Dr. Nelson!”

J. H. – 13 March, 2013

“I FINALLY got a good night sleep after getting adjusted last night by the best chiropractor in The world!! Thank you Doctor Nelson!!!”