Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

AmeriHealth is a full-service physical therapy clinic offering professional evaluation in all orthopedic- and sports-related injuries/conditions. We specialize in manual therapy with and emphasis in hands-on treatment. Services also include physical therapy modalities of electrical stimulation, hot/cold therapy, ultrasound, ionto/phonophoresis, and soft tissue mobilization.
Diagnosis Commonly Treated with Physical Therapy
Joint sprain, back strain, muscular strain/sprain, headache, joint mal-alignment, postural dysfunction, post-surgical conditions, total joint replacement, fibromyalgia, arthritic conditions, generalized weakness, joint instability, impingement syndrome, tendonitis/bursitis, plantar fasciitis, thoracic outlet, wound care, neurological injury, and gait abnormalities.
Complaints Effectively Treated with Soft Tissue Mobilization
Pre- and post-natal complaints including pelvic and lumbar pain, shoulder and leg pain, referred pain from sciatic pressure, and uterine ligament. Postural changes can be significantly improved through specialized massage and exercise techniques. Muscle energy, strain/counter-strain, accupressure, and deep tissue procedures are effective in treating or reducing most orthopedic, neurological, and pregnancy-related dysfunctions. Other complaints include stress, digestion, and breathing problems, stiffness, fatigue, sleeping difficulty, numbness, lymph dysfunction, dizziness, depression, weight loss or gain, hypoglycemia, and blood pressure conditions.
Work Injury and Preventative Services

Rehabilitation is a process of injury diagnosis, treatment, and future prevention provided through skilled treatment and supervision. Our skilled staff can provide this level of rehabilitation with resistance and cardiovascular training, modalities, massage, manual treatment techniques, and education.

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