Family Practice for General Health Care Needs

Our medical healthcare physicians have combined experience of over 25 years. We help with all your general medical health care needs whether you are 0 or 100 years old. We will show you how good it feels to be treated at family practice right here in Idaho Falls.

Allied Health's entry way in Idaho Falls family practice.

Allied Health’s entry way in Idaho Falls

A family doctor is the perfect source for healthcare questions. Between the cost of going to the emergency room, or the uncertainty of self diagnosing from the internet, we’ll quickly become your goto for health related advice.

Top 4 Reasons to get a regular family practice

  1. We know you – We’re your neighbors and friends. When you come to our medical center our staff will welcome you. You’ll meet with a doctor who remembers you and knows what your special needs are. We’re in the best position to know when everything isn’t just right with your health.
  2. A broad range of Expertise – We have a broad range of healthcare services available. We have four doctors on staff that are all experts in fields ranging from general medicine, chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy.
  3. Save Money – Have you ever felt that you needed medical attention but it wasn’t urgent enough to go to the Emergency room? A family doctor is a perfect fit. Take care of yourself and take care of the bank account. With us you have access to a wide array of healthcare services.
  4. Be referred to a specialist – At AmeriHealth we have a broad range of expertise. We can handle most of the healthcare needs in Idaho Falls, but we also know when you should be referred to a specialist. Feel confident knowing that your healthcare is our primary concern.

If you have a health related question that has been nagging you, set an appointment below to visit with a doctor.

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