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What do chiropractic adjustments do?

Chiropractic adjustments treat a variety of conditions, which can range from spinal misalignment to cases as severe as sciatica. Symptoms such as lower back pain can mean something worse is on the way. We directly treat these symptoms to prevent a further need for chiropractic care.

Should I get adjusted?

Chiropractic adjustments are made on clean, comfortable adjusting tables.

One of our fully equipped exam rooms.

The symptoms requiring an adjustment are varied. Pain in different parts of the body may suggest different and unique problems and therefore unique solutions.

Here are a few symptoms to watch for:

Lower back pain

A lot of backache can occur because of damage to the lumbar spine. This may also be accompanied by weakness in the legs or pained knees. Lifting or sitting incorrectly may lend to lower back pain.

Neck pain

Continuous bad habits in the workplace or at home can lead to a stiff neck. This may suggest that your cervical spine is misaligned.


The cervical spine consists of vertebrae with spinal nerves that lead to everything above the shoulders. Headaches, earaches, and others are symptoms of a misaligned spine. Chiropractic adjustments are commonly considered a remedy for migraines or headaches.

“Unrelated” symptoms

The spine is the motherboard for all nerve function. It also works closely with the immune system and basically every other organ function. A misalignment in the cervical spine can lead to symptoms as seemingly unrelated as sinus trouble or irregular bowel activity.

How effective are chiropractic adjustments?

Many conditions of the body require medication to control them. The great thing about chiropractic treatment is that for the most part, the adjustments themselves act as medication. Small, quick adjustments by hand or with a small instrument can get the job done in one sitting.

Our Chiropractor

Dr. Aaron Nelson is our certified chiropractor. Through manual and diversified manipulation, Dr. Nelson has helped many patients recuperate. You can reference our website’s chiropractic center to learn more about his techniques and to schedule a free exam.

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