Bone Marrow Aspirate Stem Cell Concentrate

Bone Marrow Aspirate Stem Cell Concentrate is a component of your bone marrow that contains growth factors and anti-inflammatory proteins which have been shown to promote bone and soft tissue healing as well as reduce symptoms of pain related to injuries, tendinitis and arthritis.

It is performed by harvesting stem cells. Stem cells can be found in many tissues throughout your body, but one of the richest sources can be found in your bone marrow. Fortunately, bone marrow can be harvested from several bones within your body and is relatively easy to access. Your bone marrow will be aspirated through a small needle puncture in your posterior iliac crest (pelvic bone) and placed in a special processing unit, which will concentrate your body’s stem cells, platelets and growth factors. The concentrate will be collected into a sterile syringe and injected into the targeted body area being treated.

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