Neck Pain Relief with Allied Health Care

Young woman with neck pain

Persistent neck pain can be vexing for many different reasons. First off, there is the obvious presence of pain. But it can also lead to painful headaches and spinal strain. Plus, the burning question at the back of your aching mind as to why you are experiencing this pain at all.

In the midst of this pain, we have good news. First of all, a lot of neck pain is due to simple muscle tension. By relieving that tension, much if not all of the problem can be controlled. There are also lots of things you can do to eliminate neck pain from your life.

If you are experiencing neck pain, you don’t have to resign yourself to it. There are both things you can do at home as well as professional procedures we do to help reduce this pain.

What we can do for neck pain

Dr. Aaron Nelson at Allied Health Care has years of experience in using non-invasive measures to control pain. As one of the top chiropractors in Idaho Falls, he has the skill and knowledge to get you on the path to a pain-free life. There are a few different services he offers that will especially help for neck pain.

Diversified/Manual Adjustment

A diversified or manual adjustment is a fantastic way to help relieve pain in your neck. Dr. Nelson makes short, quick manipulations by hand to correct misaligned bones and allow them to return to their proper position.

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Deep tissue laser therapy is helpful for many issues that are a “pain in the neck”. The laser attacks damaged tissue which then generates a photochemical response, which enables the cells to heal on a cellular level. This therapy is also useful for muscle spasms and cervical, lumbar, and sciatic pain. The efficacy of DTLT depends on the source of your neck pain, of course, but in many cases is a viable option.

What you can do for neck pain

A common source of neck pain is poor posture, brought about by long days at the office or in the car and years of reinforcement. This poor posture causes muscles in the chest and neck to tighten over time, which not only contributes to the pain but continues the cycle of poor posture. In order to beat one, you must defeat both. And thankfully, there are many different ways to fight it from the comfort of home.


Through stretching and exercising the neck, you work to relieve tension and stiffness that lend to pain. Check out these six stretches to help relieve neck pain.

Aerobic exercise

Believe it or not, going for a run can help a sore neck. The increased blood flow will extend to your chest and neck and loosen the muscles that are causing you pain. Also, about a half hour of aerobic exercise releases endorphins, or your body’s natural painkillers.

Hot and cold treatments

The use of hot or cold compresses for your neck pain entirely depends on the injury or source of the pain. Hot/warm treatments move blood to the area which can help to loosen muscles. However, you must never use this within 48 hours of the injury. Cold compresses numb up the area and help reduce swelling and inflammation.

Depending on your needs, both can work well; however, we advise you ask the professionals at Allied Health Care which is best for your specific situation.

Slow range-of-motion exercises

The key here is slow. Avoid hyperextending your neck in any degree. You want to stretch out those muscles and keep things loose but do so very carefully. Range-of-motion exercises are just that — anything that pushes you to go too far is too much. For slow, range-of-motion neck exercise ideas, check out these simple suggestions.

Adjust sleeping habits

Perhaps your neck pain is merely the result of poor sleeping habits. This not only includes your body position, but the quality of mattress and pillow, your bedtime routine, and the way you treat your body during the day. Check out some of these suggestions from Harvard Medical School about how you can leave sleep-related neck pain behind.

Once you start getting your neck pain under control, it’s important to start taking preventative measures. What is causing your neck pain, and what steps can you take to prevent it? As you find ways to relieve or prevent muscle tension — whether that be by improving your posture, stretching more, or improving your sleeping habits — you will once again start living a pain-free lifestyle.

Do what you can at home, but also recognize when you’ll need to come in and see Dr. Nelson at Allied Health Care. If you aren’t sure when the time is right, check out these 5 signs you should visit a chiropractor.

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