Dr. Scott Treat

Specialty & Expertise:

DPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy

*Dr. Scott Treat’s primary clinical experience has been in the home health setting where he’s had the opportunity to work with a broad spectrum of diagnoses and age groups. His interests have included both specialized treatment techniques for the geriatric population and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries.

Education & Experience:

Dr. Treat earned is BS in Exercise Science from Utah State University (USU) following which he completed graduate school at Creighton University where he earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.

While at Creighton his research emphasis included an advanced study of medical ethics and the use of radiology to optimize rehabilitation outcomes.

Personal Life:

Dr. Treat was born right here in Idaho Falls where he attended Skyline High School as a youth. After graduate school, he returned to Idaho Falls and has been in practice since 1999. In his free time Dr. Treat enjoys baseball, football, martial arts, and all aspects of fitness. He has coached youth sports including everything from Grid Kid to Babe Ruth. He has worked as a volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America in a variety of capacities. He, his beautiful wife Laurie, and their three children are truly excited to be a part of the dynamic, collaborative environment that is Allied Health Care.