Allied Health Care Now Offers Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy can help for people with a hormone imbalance.

We all wish we had the energy to do everything on our list. Our personal and work lives both calls for a lot of focus and energy.

What you may not have known, is that sometimes this lack of drive is more than just situational. More than just lack of sleep, or an imbalanced diet. You may instead actually be suffering from a hormone imbalance. And your situation may call for hormone therapy.

What is hormone therapy?

For some people, the body may stop producing the right number of hormones. Hormone therapy is a solution to this biological problem. During the process, the necessary hormones are pressed into small, cylindrical pellets. The professional then inserts these just under the skin. They slowly release the necessary hormones around the clock.

The body operates on a very sensitive timetable. These hormones need to release at the right time and in the right proportions. When they do not fire properly, professionals would consider this an imbalance. The effects of this can have many different effects on the body and mind and can affect all different people.

A hormonal imbalance is particularly common among women in their 40’s and 50’s, though even younger women have reported it as well. To the untrained understanding, hormonal imbalances and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome can be confused one for another. However, studies have shown that hormones firing during PMS tend to be normal. No, a hormonal imbalance is an entirely different thing.

But even men can experience a hormonal imbalance. Testosterone is the predominant hormone in males, and when this is below a certain level, an imbalance occurs.

For all who experience it, a hormone imbalance can create great stress. The symptoms often contribute to depression, anxiety, and yes, an overall decrease in energy. This can make itself manifest in a low libido, fatigue, insomnia, and even weight gain and night sweats.

What will it do for you?

Unlike other remedies like gels or creams, the pellets have been proven to be highly effective. Upon insertion, they are readily available to absorb into the body. They release the right amount of hormones at precisely the right time. And the effects on the patient can be life-saving.

Hormone therapy can increase your mental clarity, sex drive, a healthy sense of being, and help diminish depression and anxiety. It has even gone so far as to prevent breast cancer. All coming down to a matter of getting your hormones back in balance.

So if you are suffering from mood swings, insomnia, a lack of energy, or any of the above symptoms, hormone therapy may be the solution for you. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Nelson at Allied Health Care today, “the right physician for your condition.”

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