Aesthetics: Treatment for the Healthy

Aesthetics is a treatment for the already-healthy

Why choose aesthetics?

We offer hormone therapy to help create a balance in the body. We provide neurofeedback to guide the brain to overcome a variety of disorders. Aesthetics, our newest service, on the other hand, does not treat illness or pain. It is a service that purely feeds into a desire to feel beautiful.

The health and beauty industry itself, in fact, is referred to as such because these two concepts interweave. When you feel healthy, you want to be beautiful, and vice versa. Additionally, those who seek and receive aesthetics are usually quite healthy. Since it is an elective procedure instead of preventive or curative, we refer to those who seek this treatment as “consumer-patients.”

Taking care of our own well-being usually begins with addressing the person looking back at us each morning in the mirror. Learn more about the simple and quick procedures Allied Health Care is implementing that can help restore a youthful glow.

Which aesthetics products do we use?

Aesthetics is a service that focuses on cosmetic appearance and the treatment of non-critical skin conditions. Many use it as a way to preserve a natural and healthy appearance. Some of the specific products include Botox and Dysport, and will soon have Xeomin available.

All are different brands of purified botulinum toxin. This toxin acts as a neuromuscular blocker; specifically, it blocks the nerves in the face that contract to form frown or brow lines. With treatment from any of these brands, these wrinkles disappear and contribute to a healthier, younger appearance.

Is it right for you?

Whatever the service, we put the consumer-patients’ safety and comfort first. That also means no medication. We provide the means, and your body takes care of the rest. And it isn’t just us; the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine has said that “the needle is increasingly replacing the scalpel.”

So if you are in all other ways healthy and happy but hope to show off more of your natural beauty, aesthetics may be perfect for you. You can schedule a consultation with Tammi our esthetician by calling Allied HealthCare at (208) 522-8300.

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