Jeffrey Haskell, MD

Specialty & Expertise:

  • MD - Medical Doctor
  • Specializes in Family Medicine

Education & Experience:

Dr. Jeff Haskell is a Family Practice Physician. He trained at the University of Nevada-Reno School of Medicine and completed a 3-year residency program in Casper, Wyoming in Rural Family Medicine. He believes in using multi-facets of medical care to help all ages of a family maintain good health.

Dr. Haskell has been a Family Practice provider for over 23 years and has been helping patients with everything from emergency medicine to well-baby checks.

Personal Life:

Dr. Haskell is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather who believes strongly in family values. He is an outdoorsman and loves hunting, fishing, and training & riding horses. He is also a team roper and loves watching and helping his grandchildren learn to ride and rope as well.