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We are so excited about the opportunity to sit down and visit with you about your health challenges. In order to expedite the process and be able to get the most out of your first visit with us, we have made it easy to get paperwork and some of your questions out of the way prior to coming to our office.

Idaho Falls Chiropractors

Allied Health Care has a unique approach to healthcare in Idaho Falls. We focus on all of your healthcare. Whether you are looking for an Idaho Falls Chiropractor or a Family Doctor, we have you covered. We are able to offer a large number of services because we have different specialists under one roof. Some of the services include Pediatric exams and Pediatric care, Chiropractic, and back pain issues, as well as services provided my a Family Doctor like Family Planning options.

Back pain? Injury from a sporting event? Whiplash from an auto collision? When it comes to comprehensive recovery, pain management, and general chiropractic care, our chiropractors in Idaho Falls here to help.

We offer a range of chiropractic treatments in Idaho Falls and surrounding areas, providing patients quick access to our experienced, local, and friendly chiropractic physicians. We provide a full in-house clinic for all your health needs so you don’t need to visit multiple offices for your recovery and injury treatment. With our services and extensive clinical experience, you can expect individualized treatment for your specific condition and recovery requirements.

Offering a Comprehensive Range of Services

We don’t just provide care to manage pain. Our Idaho Falls chiropractors will help reduce the risk of injuries in the future. Through thorough and personalized care, we will help you get back on your feet and begin your journey to recovery.

Serving patients in Idaho Falls, Idaho, our chiropractors provide the following services: IV Nutrient Therapy, Family Practice, Chiropractic Pharmacotherapy, Physical Therapy Rehabilitation, Orthotics, X-Rays, Drop Table, Diversified or Manual Adjusting, Trigger Point Therapy, Auto Accidents, Neuro Surgery, Physical Therapy Rehabilitation, Facet Injection Therapy, PRP Therapy, Neurofeedback, Prolotherapy.

Providing the Highest Level of Patient Care

We apply a hands-on approach to ensure patient satisfaction. Our practice utilizes non-invasive techniques and the latest in chiropractic technology and treatment to help you maintain overall wellness while recovering from any back or musculoskeletal injury, auto accident, or sports injury.

We also work with the rest of the doctors, physical therapists, and insurance providers to assist with your healthcare needs. Your road to recovery and a chance at a better quality of life starts at Allied Health Care—Chiropractic. Contact us today to find out more about how our chiropractors in Idaho Falls can help.

Is Allied Health Care Right For You?

The patients that seem to get the best results in our practice are people who:

  • Enjoy friendly, reliable and quality service
  • Want detailed doctors that genuinely care for their patients
  • Want a doctor that understands the extent pain can affect your life
  • Have tried other treatments without success
  • Are ready for a dramatic life change with peak performance

We show our patients we care by taking the time to provide the friendliest, most detailed and effective services we can. We create relationships of trust by providing consistent and reliable experiences and services. We are committed to our patients, being knowledgeable, creating raving fans and being professional.

What people say about us

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Dr. Nelson is the man! He is so upbeat, positive, blunt and understanding. This phrase may sound contradictive, but it’s not. For me Dr. Nelson helped me to find a way to help me be more normal. I mainly suffered from O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), as well as anxiety and a bit of depression. These disorders made my life harder for me. They disordered my thinking and contributed to me getting overly fixed on something and made it quite hard for me to move on to the next thing I needed to think about or do. O.C.D. especially is a beast that has negatively effected my marriage and social life. Before therapy, I would try to not talk to people of the opposite sex because I felt like I may be unfaithful to my wife by doing so. Now I am much more able to talk to people of the opposite sex with less hesitancy and awkwardness. For those of you doing counseling, it may help, but you may also find that this can be much more effective. I saw a counselor for a while and ended up just holding in all my problems inside till I saw him and would put them on him and was not emotionally self reliant. Neurofeedback Therapy can give you the help you need to become more emotionally self reliant and be able to better take on life. This therapy is not dangerous and is worth the time. It’s helped me and it’s worth finding out if it can help you.

M. S. – 5 March, 2014

My 6 year old has been fighting regular headaches until you started adjusting her. Now the headaches are a rare complaint. Thank goodness! Thanks Dr. Nelson!

A. P. – 29 April, 2013

I FINALLY got a good night sleep after getting adjusted last night by the best chiropractor in The world!! Thank you Doctor Nelson!!!

J. H. – 13 March, 2013